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About Us



Bula-Bundance, Bula which is our Fijian greeting, also meaning “Life” or the “Breath of Life”. Bula in abundance aligning with Kingdom principles and epitomises the spirit of Fijians and of the Pacific Islands in that our greatest wealth is “relational”. That our joy and greatest strength comes from building each other up and looking out for kin. Our name and brand embodies our warm, genuinely welcoming spirit that the Pacific Islands are well known for.

Our mission:
This manifests in our strong belief of using existing indigenous Fijian frameworks and systems to drive a business that is sustainable, authentic and uplifts the lives of our families, communities and islands. We believe that there is freedom in embracing what sets us apart while being kind and compassionate in celebrating the cultures and traditions of other societies. Our challenges have shaped our story but in sharing our vision we hope to also change the narrative of grassroot families and communities in the Pacific Islands we call home. Bula to you in Abundance! 

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